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Nothing's more important than getting kids to take good care of their teeth. After all, children who form the right brushing and flossing habits now grow into adults with strong teeth, healthy gums and all the benefits that go along with it.

Teaching kids the basics in good dental hygiene is no easy task. But sometimes presenting them with entertaining alternatives can prove a more effective way of getting the message across and educating them on one of life's most important lessons.

CROOKED was created with that simple goal in mind. It's our little way of showing just how dedicated we are to guiding kids towards a happier, healthier future. And if they can have a few laughs along the way, then let the fun begin!

"Finally! A film that makes dental hygiene "cool" and encourages kids to do more!"

Dr. Luis Acosta
Acosta Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
Winter Park, Florida

"Very entertaining! Definitely not your average "Charlie Brown" flossing video!"

Dr. Barry Laurent, DDS
General and Cosmetic Dental Care near
Washington D.C. in Northern Virginia

"How exciting to have a young role model who is intelligent and witty when it comes to the importance of healthy teeth and gums! Crooked tooth or not ... Samantha makes dental hygiene hip!"

Dr. William D. Carmichael
Valerie Pollock Family Dentistry
Burgaw, North Carolina

"I don't think there's ever been a tool that communicates such an important life-habit to the younger generation in such a cool way. GREAT JOB!"

Steve Tinsworth, D.M.D.
Tinsworth Orthodontics
Brandenton, Florida

"An entertaining and creative way to reach out to kids about maintaining their dental health."

Dr. Gary Nelson
Front Street Family Dentistry
Celebration, FL

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